Our toddler room (2-3 years)

Our 2-3-year-old rooms change and adapt to your child’s new sense of independence. From choosing and serving their own breakfast to making independent choices on the equipment and resources they access.

The Toddler Room staff support and celebrate each new goal achieved, from potty training to learning to put on their own coats for the first time, every small step is shared with you whether it be at the end of day handover with your Keyperson, or on our online Learning Journals (see  for more information on Tapestry, our online system).

The Toddlers have access to a large bright airy room with an archway leading to a role play area in the adjoining room. With a cosy Book Area and activity tables, the Toddlers can make the transition from exploring and learning to having a rest when they choose to.

After lunch the Toddlers have a sleep time for those that still need to. Each Toddler has a flat bed with a clean sheet and blanket and any comforter they may need. The hour sleep before the afternoon session begins, is a chance for the whole day Toddlers, to recharge their batteries before the fun starts again!

Twice a day the Toddlers will access the garden. They share this time with a small group of pre-school children, giving siblings the chance to see each other, as well as making the Nursery seem as one rather than 3 separate age groups. We find this really helps with the Transition from Toddler Room to Preschool when the time comes.

Take a look at the video below to see the fun the Toddlers have….

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