Our Pre-School (3-5 years)

Our pre-schoolers have the entire first floor dedicated to their every need. The 3 large rooms each offer different experiences, made accessible throughout the day by our ‘free-flow’ system. The children have their toilet area which is equipped to support all levels of toilet training. Each child has their own peg alongside their picture, this is the first of many opportunities to nurture their growing independence.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provides the Curriculum that we follow, ensuring every child progresses in the 7 Areas of Learning. Through years of observing various ways of implementing this, we have fine-tuned our method by which we trust children learn best.

Children lead their own learning through play, children will explore, experiment and question their surroundings naturally. Therefore, our highly experienced and qualified staff practice ‘in the moment’ planning, they will observe the children and expand the learning of each and every child, through careful adjustments to the environment. We also understand that children need support from adults to extend their skills and knowledge, therefore we offer adult initiated activities which provide the children with new concepts, through familiar play. Our blend of adult and child-initiated activity is embedded throughout the 3 rooms with the 7 areas of learning at the heart of it all.

We understand the importance of literacy in Early Years, sharing stories will support children’s vocabulary, language structures and their imagination. Therefore, we champion reading through our ‘Book of the Week’. Every week a new book will be chosen and then read twice a day, inspiring activities and play across the week. We have found that the repetition allows the children to truly explore and understand the story, as well as supporting their communication and language development.

The pre-schoolers have a few breaks from ‘free-flowing’ the rooms throughout the day to make time for story time, mealtimes and group time. The children take part in small or large group time, depending on their individual needs. Group time focuses on particular areas of learning, from exercise time to team games, demonstrating the effectiveness of social learning.

Across their time with us we watch our pre-schoolers grow into school leavers, each one having had their own journey with us. They leave for their new adventure, feeling independent, happy and ready to take on the challenge.

Please watch the video below to see an average day in our busy Pre-School rooms..

Our Pre-School in pictures

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