Terms, Conditions and Nursery Fees

  1. Whilst we try our best to accommodate parent's requirements, the following criteria is used when deciding which child can be offered a place:
    • Availability of spaces in the Nursery, taking into account the staff/child ratios and the age of the child.
    • When the application is received (extra weight is given to those who have been on the waiting list longest).
    • Priority will be given to children who are booking full time places and those who already have siblings in the Nursery.
  2. The fees are payable throughout the year. Days away ill, family holidays, periods of absence and Bank Holidays will be charged at the normal rate.
  3. A deposit equivalent to one week’s fees will be needed to secure a place. If the place is taken up, the deposit will then be deducted from your first month’s fees. If however your place is not taken, this fee is non-refundable. Your first months fees must be paid before your start date.
  4. Fees are payable on the 1st of the month. We accept cash, cheque (made payable to Chappell croft Nursery), vouchers, standing order or debit/credit card. We can help you set up your payment scheme when you register with us.
  5. For your child to keep his/her place at the nursery you must pay the fees. Anyone who allows their fees to fall two weeks in arrears will immediately forfeit their right to a nursery place. The child will be excluded from the nursery unless the account is brought up to date.
  6. Four weeks notice of leaving, changing or decreasing sessions is required.
  7. Exclusions due to ill health must be strictly adhered to, according to Environmental Health Regulations. We are sure parents will understand so as to reduce the risk of cross infection children must remain at home. A list of exclusions can be obtained upon request.
  8. All fees are subject to annual review.
  9. We offer 11 hours per week for 51 weeks per year. Either morning or afternoon sessions. For those eligible we also offer 22 hours per week for 51 weeks per year. You must supply us with your eligibility code. Details of how to obtain this are at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk. Without this code you will NOT be able to claim 22 hours and will automatically be put onto 11 hours per week.
  10. We also deliver 15 hours per week for 38 weeks per year. These places are limited with priority being given to children taking up full time places or children requiring Free Entitlement with additional hours. These places can only be offered on a term by term basis. If a place is no longer available for the following term the nursery will give 2 weeks notice. This also applies to the extended Free Entitlement (also referred to as 30 hours free childcare). You need an eligibility code for this also. Without the code you will NOT be able to claim 30 hours and will be automatically put on to 15 hours per week.
  11. Sessions over and above the Free Entitlement will be charged at our current session rate.
  12. For free entitlement sessions which include mealtimes there will be a charge. If you do not want to pay you can provide your child with a packed lunch or tea instead. Please inform the manager of your preferred option.
  13. For parents accessing just the basic free entitlement, the Nursery can only offer the place on a term by term basis.
  14. Any information that you share with us is done so in the strictest confidence. Please refer to our information sharing policy for the occasions when your consent is not needed. You can view all or policies by asking at the nursery for a copy or they can be viewed on our website.

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