Chappell Croft Nursery Services

Chappell Croft Nursery Services

Children's Development and Learning

Having fun and experiencing new things is a vital way for young children to learn. At our setting we use the Early Years Foundation Stage - a framework that will take your child through to the end of the reception year at school.

Each child has his or her curriculum built up by the knowledge gained from day to day observations. Your child will not only learn about letters and numbers, but a whole plethora of life's experiences.

The Baby and Toddler Unit

Chappell Croft Nursery Baby and Toddler Unit

The baby and toddler unit consistes of four ground-floor rooms. These are furnished in such a way that we can be flexible in their use: alternating rooms depending on what age children are attending. The babies and toddlers also combine for social time during the day.

Our fully qualified staff endeavour to carry on the patterns of care you have already established at home. We have a separate sleep room where our babies can relax and sleep soundly whilst being monitored regularly.

Fees include all nappies and food apart from formula milk which needs to be supplied ready to Chappell Croft Nursery Baby and Toddler Unit be made up each day. We provide weaning pots of vegetable and fruit before introducing the babies to our healthy nursery meals, which are freshly prepared each day in our own kitchen.

All babies and toddlers access the garden during the day. They also enjoy activities such as music, water, sensory play and singing: however young they are.

Our staff work closely with you, providing a detailed take-home account of their day with us, to ensure continuity of care.

The Pre-School Unit

Chappell Croft Nursery Pre-School Unit

Each September our oldest toddlers join our pre school. This is situated on the first floor and consists of 3 large playrooms.

Here we foster childrens' natural growing independence. All our children have their own pegs for coats and personal belongings. Where possible please mark children's clothes and belongings as Chappell Croft, whilst endeavouring not to, cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to clothing or property.

All meals and snacks times are with the whole pre-school, thus encouraging sociability. Under staff supervision the children are encouraged to serve their own lunch from dishes, and we have a rota so each child can help lay the table and help the staff tidy up after meals. Milk is encouraged for all children at least once a day.

Nappy changes occur regularly throughout the day and all changes are recorded. When your child is ready to be potty or toilet-trained, our staff will give the child every encouragement. Parents wishes will be first and foremost.

Our staff will take your child into account when planning activities. We will ask for your input to ensure your child is reaching their full potential by learning in a way that suits their own individual style and following their leads and interests in preparing the children for school.

We have regular Open Evenings where we invite you to come and experience an average day in your child's life at nursery. It also enables you to speak to their key person and read their Learning Journal (a record of their time with us). In preparing the children for school we encourage their natural thirst for learning. The children begin to learn sounds and numbers as well as forming letters at their own developmental pace.

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Joining the Nursery and Settling In

Once the decision has been made to place your child at Chappell Croft please fill in the application form and return it to us with your weeks deposit. Your first months fees must be paid before your start date.

Our staff endeavour to introduce all children to their new nursery at a pace that will suit the individual. We offer free settling in sessions which occur the week before your child starts with us. We build the length your child stays over these sessions taking the lead from them.

They will be assigned a key person who will welcome your child in, echange information with you and answer any queries or concerns you may have. All children settle in at different rates so everything will be discussed with you, your wishes will be first and foremost.

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