For Children with Special Educational Needs

At Chappell Croft we provide an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential.

Any new child that starts at the Nursery is invited to settling in sessions for the child to have taster times and the Parents can meet with the Key person. This gives ample time for the parent to talk about their child, including any worries or concerns they may be having.

Through our planning, observing, assessing and monitoring cycle, any child that is not meeting their developmental goals are readily identified. The Parent is the first point of call if a Key person has any concerns. They would speak to the parent about the concern, get some background information as well as give advice about what the next step to support this child may be. The SENCO/lNCO would be included in this chat and any outside Agencies that may be able to support the child or family would be contacted.

We use a system of planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing individual plans (lPs) and a graduated response system for identifying, assessing and responding to children's educational needs.

Our Key person system fosters good relationships between the Parent, Key person and child as communication between the 3 happens every day at either dropping off or picking up times. We have regular Open Evenings for Parents to attend as well as Parents contributing to their child's Next Steps in Development every 12 weeks.

Once a developmental need has been identified, the Key person, SENCO and Parent will meet to discuss strategies, whether outside agencies, such as, Speech and Language will be contacted. We work closely with parents to create and maintain a positive partnership.

Regular meetings will be held between the Parents, Key person and SENCO to ensure all parties are working together. We ensure the effectiveness of our special educations needs provision by collecting information from a range of sources e.g. Individual Plan reviews, staff and management meetings, parental and external agency's views, inspections and monitoring any complaints. The information is collated, evaluated and reviewed annually.

All children at Chappell Croft have a Learning Journal from when they first start at the Nursery. In this document, all observations, planning and assessments are contained. In the case of a child with special educational needs, this would also contain the lPs, Star Observations etc. Their journal will look exactly the same as all the children's and they will have the same opportunity to have ownership of it by adding photos and drawings etc. The lPs are reviewed and assessed before writing a follow on one. This ensures the right amount of progress is made and not too higher expectations are made. Each IP will be written with the Parent with a section for us to give advice on how the Parent can support their child at home.

Each child will have individual needs and support, so we have no hard and fast rule on how often we would meet with Parents or how many IPs we would write. Every child has their own schedule of needs and we will work around their needs and support as well as the Parents. The SENCO is not included in the ratios, so she is available for meetings and advice during the day. Wherever possible we will support both the Parent and child including home/setting books, helpful telephone numbers, advice and time to listen.

Every Nursery has to adhere to the guidelines on safety laid down in the Government's Early Years Foundation stage. We have Policies and Procedures which are available for Parents to see covering administering medicines, safeguarding, Behaviour Management etc. All members of staff have to undertake an lnduction Programme when they start at the Nursery. This includes training in Behaviour Management, the Nursery's ethos and our Policies and procedures. All our staff hold a childcare qualification, the majority holding a Level 3. Each year, a training plan for each individual staff member is written. Statutory training they all attend is Paediatric First Aid, Child Protection and Behaviour Management. Other courses they attend are speech and Language based. The SENCO attends regular Network meetings hosted by the West Sussex Early Years team. Up to date information is given as well as strategies and advice shared amongst schools and different settings. The SENCO also attends specific training such as Autism awareness etc. Any training for a specific Special Need can be accessed where appropriate.

Outside Agencies such as Speech and Language, Physiotherapists and Portage workers can be invited into the Nursery for advice for both the staff and Parents. Strategies and help regarding equipment or resources the Nursery may need can be accessed this way. West Sussex also give Nurseries bursaries and funding to help the Nursery buy specific pieces of equipment that may be needed as well as grants to help with the costs of employing a member of staff if an increase of our usual child:staff ratio is needed.

All children benefit from being taken out of the setting to go on visits or trips to local parks or other suitable venues for activities which enhance their learning experiences. Staff in our setting ensure that there are procedures to keep children safe on outings. All staff and volunteers are aware of and follow the procedures. As we ensure that our service is fully inclusive to meeting the needs of all children, we do not discriminate on who can or cannot be taken on an outing. All our outings are risk assessed and where possible we invite Parent helpers to attend. We would liaise with Parents to see what we need to put into place to ensure their child could be included in the outing.

Chappell Croft Nursery is based over three floors of a Victorian detached house. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not accessible to wheelchair users. We have steps up to the door, steps down to the toilets and out to the garden. We have an accessibility audit that is reviewed annually. We have children that have English as a second language. We have visual timetables around the Nursery to ensure they can see what is happening as well as what is happening next. For Parents who have English as a second language, we ensure they understand any letters that go home and use very simple wording.

Our Parent Partnerships are strong. We send home regular questionnaires in order to get feedback regarding any changes we may make or views on our Menu for instance. Parents are asked to contribute to their child's Next Steps and we send home termly At the Moment… sheets to be filled in with their child. This feeds into our Planning as we take into account each child's own developmental level as well as their preferred way of learning and favourite activities.

Transition to school can be a worrying time for any parent, but can be increased for a parent of a child with a special need. We work closely with our feeder schools to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible. With a parent's permission, we will approach the school to arrange a meeting between the child's key person, the Parent, the Nursery SENCO as well as the Reception Teacher and school SENCO. This would give us all a chance to give the school as much information about the child which would include strategies the Nursery and Parents use as well as useful advice such as a sensory ball at circle time calms them etc. If possible we would ask the school to arrange more settling sessions than is on offer for other new children. This would help the school to ensure they too have the right amount of support in place BEFORE the child starts, rather than later. In the term before the children leave the Nursery, we add school uniform and lunchboxes in our Role Play area, as well as having books from each school with photographs of the teachers, playground etc. These are used at Nursery Circle times as well as being available for parents to borrow and share at home with their child.

lf you need any further help or clarification on Chappell Croft's support for Special Educational Needs, please contact the Nursery's lnclusion Co-Ordinator (INCO) and Special Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) Freya Dommen.

To access the Local Authority's Local Offer please go to:

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